An Ancient Indeginous Sweat Lodge

During a ceremony, participants will enter the Sweat Lodge (an igloo-shaped hut) and will sit around hot stones heated in a fire before the ceremony begins. Once inside, water is poured over the rocks to produce steam. Herbs like sage or copal are used and added to help aid in the cleansing process.

Temezcal Ceremonies are great for flushing out toxins, clearing skin, helping support weight loss, aids in blood flow, releases mental burdens, and lastly helps decrease risk of dementia and alzheimer's. We highly recommend this ceremony for those of you looking for a Spiritual experience and a physical detox.

What's Included

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Orientation with Local Shaman

Enter the sweat lodge and begin ceremony

2 Hour Ceremony

Time to eat and hydrate

Includes very hot temperatures, water, hot stones, herbs, and chanting

What Our Guests Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Ceremony take place?

You have 3 choices.

1. is to hike to a nearby river on our property, about a 20-30 minute hike.

2. Stay on property

3. Go to our local Shaman's house and enjoy ceremony at his house.

We recommend doing what makes you feel most comfortable. A lot of people begin with the hike and then walk back mid ceremony to be closer to their room and enjoy relaxing from StarDome.

How long does the Ceremony last?

Every ritual is different but ceremony can last around 2 hours.

Who is the Shaman?

Freddie, our local Shaman, is a member of the community here in Ollantaytambo. He has been working with San Pedro, this particular plant medicine, since he was young. Shamanism runs in his family and has been passed down for generations.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

In order to prepare for this Ceremony, we ask that you come with intentions of what you'd like to release or let go of. We also ask that you drink plenty of water before, during, and after the ceremony.

What should I wear?

Bring layers of clothing to walk to our sweat lodge with a bathing suite underneath. We ask that you do your best to wear more than minimal clothing/bathing suit. We will bring towels. You can also bring sandals to wear once we walk back.

Will I feel really tired after this experience?

If anything you will feel energized, hungry, and will sleep really well at night. We recommend you eat a full meal at dinner and drink lots of water before bed.

Is there a shower near the Sweat Lodge?

No, your showers will be taken in your private Suite.

What happens if I feel light headed?

The Shaman or leader of the Temezcal will ensure you are safe the entire time, keeping an eye on your health. We will also go over questions like this in our orientation so you feel confident going into this experience.

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