Experience a San Pedro Ceremony

San Pedro, also known as Huachuma, has been called a “grandfather medicine” and is often referred to as abuelo, which means grandfather in Spanish, because of the wisdom and lessons that can be accessed during an experience with this ancestral medicine. San Pedro is used for prayer, communing with nature, gaining access to the spiritual world, expanding consciousness, and healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels.

This iconic Incan archaeological site is located on top of a mountain in the middle of a tropical forest. The historic sanctuary is known for its dazzling architectural beauty and for its historical legacy.

Declared Cultural and Natural Heritage of Humanity in 1983 by UNESCO and visisted every year by millions of people, this citadel is proof of the great wisdom of the Inca civilization.

What's Included

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Orientation with Local Shaman

San Pedro Brew made by our local Shaman

Ceremony with our local Shaman

Includes Live Music and Items Needed for Ceremony.

Hike to Spot near StarDome property

Light Breakfast + Light Dinner

What Our Guests Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Ceremony take place?

You have 3 choices.

1. is to hike to a nearby river on our property, about a 20-30 minute hike.

2. Stay on property

3. Go to our local Shaman's house and enjoy ceremony at his house.

We recommend doing what makes you feel most comfortable. A lot of people begin with the hike and then walk back mid ceremony to be closer to their room and enjoy relaxing from StarDome.

How long does the Ceremony last?

This is a tough question to ask because everyone is different. We want you to plan for a full day and expect to do nothing other than relax and enjoy time in nature. If we had to guess, we would say anywhere from 8-12 hours but again everyone is different.

Who is the Shaman?

Freddie, our local Shaman, is a member of the community here in Ollantaytambo. He has been working with San Pedro, this particular plant medicine, since he was young. Shamanism runs in his family and has been passed down for generations.

Will I get sick?

We cannot guarantee anyone's experience because everyone is set to have their own outcome according to the plant and what it wants you to have. Is there a possibility you could be sick? Yes, there are many ways you can purge on this medicine including yawning, crying, laughing, shaking, etc. Please remember, the Shaman is here to hold space for you and support your entire journey so you feel comfortable and safe.

Is there anything I need to do to prepare?

First off, we highly recommend not to google because there are many things out there. If you have felt or feel the call this is the most important thing to consider. If you're doing this ceremony to check a box, please re-consider as this is a powerful medicine and not to be used recreationally. In order to prepare please come with intentions, an empty stomach (or a very light breakfast), hydrated, and avoid heavy drinking or toxins in the body at least a week up to the ceremony. The less toxins you have in your body the better you are likely to feel.

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