Experience a Local Quechuan School

We will go to the local market and purchase food and/or school supplies for the a school near Mount Veronica. We will drive to the school and meet the students and teachers and gift them what we brought. The students will teach us some of their favorite songs and encourage us to join them in dance. After stopping at the school we will continue the journey to the nearby Sacred mountain, Mount Veronica. There we will hike to the top and choose the trail we feel called to take and enjoy the most beautiful views of this feminine mountain.

This experience is for those wanting to immerse themselves in the local community as well as get to see one of the most highly regarded Sacred mountains in Peru.

What's Included

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Shopping in the local market

Drive to Quechuan School

Share gifts with the students

Enjoy song and dance

Drive to Mount Veronica

Hike the Trails

Eat a local lunch

Drive back to StarDome

What Our Guests Say

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the school supplies and food included in the price of our Experience?

Yes, the food and/or school supplies will be included in your overall cost of this experience.

How far away is the school?

This school is roughly an hour drive through the most beautiful non-touristy part of the Sacred Valley.

How difficult is the hike to Mount Veronica?

This is a medium to challenging hike due to the elevation. If you feel nervous at all you can stop at the lower portion or choose to continue to more difficult parts. Either way you'll be able to be close to the Sacred mountain and experience her beauty while sitting in meditation, taking photos, or walking the rest of the trails.

How long will we spend time with the kids?

We will spend roughly 1-2 hours with the children. Showing them what we brought. This part will always be a little different because they may make food for us, they may want to show off songs and dances, or together we can use the new school supplies we brought. Please know this is always changing and never exactly the same, we ask you to come with an open mind and open heart.

Is this a full day experience?

Yes, this will be a long day traveling around the Sacred Valley.

What should I bring?

You should bring layers because Mount Veronica's weather is always changing and can lead to snow, rain, or hail depending on the day. Bring sunscreen, a hat, sunglasses, and plenty of water.
Hiking boots or comfortable sneakers are also helpful and lastly hiking poles if you have them packed will help with the steep inclines of Mount Veronica.

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