How StarDome Got Started


  • After my wife Jayne died from Cancer a number of years ago, I searched for reasons.

    I wanted answers, and I started my journey to find the alternatives that might have saved Jayne or improved her quality of life. One of those was an energy healer we had consulted before Jayne passed.

    Dr. Forrest led a volunteer group to The High Andes of Peru every year to deliver basic medical supplies to remote villages of the native Quechuan people. After Jayne died, Dr. Forrest invited me to join her next trip to Peru.

    On a cold, wet day in December 2012, on a remote mountaintop, that’s where I met Carlos for the first time. Little did I know then that our meeting and friendship that followed would transform my life forever.

  • Carlos is a Quechuan shaman. He’s in tune with the energies of the Mountain Spirits of the Sacred Valley and has shared some of their secrets with me.

    I have learned to feel the energy from certain people, places, and things I had never felt before. It’s like feeling vibration going through your chest and from there all through your body. It’s an energizing feeling that sends a feeling about the person, place, or thing. Like the energy is giving you a gift or telling you a secret…

    Since that first visit to Peru, I have returned many times, and I have developed a close and unique relationship with Carlos and his Quechuan community. In my native Toronto, I found Soul 7, a health and wellness clinic that combines Quechuan ancient healing wisdom with cutting-edge Energy Medicine Technologies.

  • In 2018, 6 years after Jayne’s passing, I met Alli in the Canadian Arctic south of Greenland. Alli is a midwife serving the Native Inuit community. We had connected on a website and made an instant connection, and I resolved to meet her in person, even if it meant traveling to the Arctic Circle!

    SINCE WE MET, everything I’ve done has been infused with our Love Energy… especially StarDome. That’s why we chose to get married there in 2019, surrounded by the Love of my Quechuan friends.

    Without Love, nothing meaningful happens in life, and that includes StarDome. Love has been the inspiration for StarDome. My Love for my Quechua friends and their healing culture and especially my Love for Alli have inspired me to build StarDOME and offer its healing energy to the world.

  • With my unique and personal connection to the local native community, I have curated and organized one-of-a-kind adventure and cultural experiences that provide life-changing, transformative experiences for our guests. At the same time, I don’t forget my Peruvian friends who changed my life and made all this possible. StarDome benefits the local Quechuan community by providing employment and contributing a percentage of our profits to local educational, environmental, and cultural initiatives.

    StarDome truly is a Labour of Love…



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